AlNemer Villas

Published on Monday, 01 August 2016

Sixteen residential villas with modern and contemporary architectural covered with high-quality materials and resistance, each of which consists of:

  • Ground floor (120 m2):

Main entrance, driver room+ bathroom, parking for two cars shaded with PVC using modern design as well as an external warehouse.

Main garden with complete privacy area of (110 m2) overlooking the House interior spaces and contain the external shaded sitting area and medium-sized pool with high and modern specifications.

Guest’s entrance, main living room with all accessories of guest bathroom and sinks.

Family entrance leads to a family lounge and kitchen overlooking to the main garden facility and their bathroom and a main staircase.

  • First floor (138 m2):

Family lounge open to the main staircase overlooking the garden as well as a small kitchen.

Two bedrooms: one overlooking the garden, and the other on the main entrance and ordered with wall cupboards and attached with a shared bathroom.

Master bedroom suite overlooking the garden attached with a bathroom and a clothes room equipped with high-quality wooden cupboards.

  • Second floor (85 m2):

Divided into two distinct parts as follows:

An additional bedroom suite overlooking the garden and attached with special outdoor terrace and bathroom and a clothes room equipped with high-quality wooden cupboards.

Maid room+ private bathroom and laundry room.

  • 5,488 Sq. Meter
  • 8 Bathrooms
  • 4 Bed Rooms
  • 2 Parking

Eastern El-Nakheel district, Riyadh city ,
5,488 Sq. Meter
0 Sq. Meter
343 Sq. Meter
Whatever you need and more, at a commercial, offices and residential complex on land of (10670 m2) El-Nemer complex takes eastern El-Nakheel district northern of Riyadh city where a privileged position overlooking the streets of vitality, including four by “Imam Saud”.

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