AlMarri Tower

Published on Thursday, 28 July 2016

First: Location:
The project is located on King Fahd Road between Orouba street Musa Bin Nasir street at Olayah district, the site is easy access of several roads, such as Mecca (Khurais) road, King Abdullah and Olayah Road, which are of the vital roads in Riyadh city.

Second: Project Components:
The project consists of ten floors, the ground floor is the main entrance of the building in addition to a showrooms, the mezzanine floor also showrooms, first floor administrative offices, and repeated floors from the second until the eighth are also offices of varying sizes can be divided according to your desire and in accordance with your needs, and has an area of land (1260 m 2) and rentable space of the building (6.190) m 2.

Third: Design and Interfaces:
The building entrance is characterized by a sophisticated design, while the interior designed in a practical and high flexibility where it can work any amendments or internal divisions to ensure the best use of office space, the building entrances and corridors in the entire marble with distinctive colors. All offices are equipped. The exterior has been taking into account the unique design and modern glass sound and heatproof. The entire building coated with brown marble.

Fourth: Parking:
Basement floor as well as Front of the building paved and prepared for this purpose which can accommodate up to 70 car parking front positions.

Fifth: Services:
All the services of electricity, telephone, central air conditioning, the Internet and an early fire warning «Zeta» company, in addition to the two elevators brand "Shellendr" to serve visitors and staff.

  • 6,190 Sq. Meter
  • 70 Parking

King Fahad road, Riyadh,
6,190 Sq. Meter
1,260 Sq. Meter
6,190 Sq. Meter

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